2021 Symposiums


Fall 2021 Symposium

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Spring 2021 Symposium

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Date and Time: May 18, 2021 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm (Eastern)

Session 1: Considerations in the Use of the Appointed Actuary’s Selections in Ratemaking with Jacque Friedland (OSFI) and Mylene Labelle (Eckler)
Join us as we explore when is it appropriate for a pricing actuary to use the Appointed Actuary’s selections; what the pricing actuary should consider when choosing to use those assumptions and what a rate regulator should look for when reviewing the pricing actuary’s use of the Appointed Actuary selections.

Session 2: COVID-19 – Impacts on Industry and Regulators: Today, Tomorrow and Forever? with Rajesh Sahasrabuddhe (Oliver Wyman), Marie-Claude Doucet (New Brunswick Insurance Board) and Matthew Turak (CAA)
We rose to the challenges COVID-19 presented in 2020, now its time to reflect on how the pandemic has left its mark. Join our panelists as they explore the impact on the regulatory space including lessons learned from the Spring 2020 crisis; the immediate impact of Covid-19 on rate filings in the near future; and the longer term impact on the industry and ratemaking.

Session 3: Principles Based Rate Regulation: Where and When, How Does It Impact Industry? with Haseeb Rehman (Desjardins), Bruce Green (FSRA) and Trevor Foster (IBC)
You have heard rate regulators talk about moving towards a more principles based approach to regulation, but do you know what it means for the policyholder, the insurer and the regulator? This session will explore two perspectives of principles based regulation – the insurer and the regulator – come to find out the views on this shift in approach and how it will improve outcomes for everyone’s
stakeholder – the policyholders.