Spring Training

Training Information

Upcoming Training:

*Please note due to the current Covid-19 situation 2022 Spring Training Conference has been postponed*

Webinars will be held Spring of 2022 - please check the Webinars page for more details.

For more information email: springtraining@carrorg.ca

One of the roles of the Information, Training and Communications Committee is to act as a resource for all Members and Associate Members to obtain information on educational events sponsored by other organizations dealing with current and/or potential regulatory issues, administrative law or other educational opportunities consistent with the Association’s mission and mandate.

This Committee should arrange education program(s) each year to provide:

  1. education in some aspect of the basic elements of the regulatory process and administrative law;
  2. an updating of Members as to changes that have occurred in legislation and regulatory processes;
  3. information on current issues and an opportunity for discussion on those issues;
  4. technical information on regulated industry operations and the impact on issues of interest to regulators; and
  5. a setting or location where learning can be focused and interaction can be controlled.